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Sydney Fish Market

Joanne Pan 12FT

Sydney Fish Market

Sydney Fish Market (SFM) is Australia’s premier seafood centre of excellence and authentic fishermen’s market. It is the largest fish market in the southern hemisphere and the second largest in the world for range of species. It was established by the NSW government in 1945. The selling of seafood was regulated by the government from 1945 to 1999 and the seafood that was landed in NSW was required to be sold through the NSW Fish Marketing Authority. In 1994 Sydney Fish market became a privately owned company and in 1999, seafood no longer had to be sold through the Market in Sydney.

Sydney Fish Market is located in
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They detect and diagnose by using advance diagnostics, research selective breeding for disease resistance and vaccine development. CSIRO is also using advanced technology, to produce long-life products from healthy, genetically-superior animals, using high-efficiency feeds.

Like aquaculture, fisheries are also an important primary industry for Australia which was valued at $2.2 billion in 2003–2004. CSIRO is a world-leader in fisheries research, developing methods and tools which assess the distribution of marine ecosystems through biological sampling, underwater visual systems and monitoring programs. These are just some of the methods.

CSIRO have been developing ‘sustainable fishery harvest strategies’ recently which are preset rules that show how catch levels should be adjusted to keep fisheries stocks above sustainable levels. This is part of a suite of new measures being introduced by the Australian Fisheries Management Authority which will be used for ecological sustainability in Commonwealth managed fisheries.

Since the Sydney Fish Market is the largest seafood place in the southern hemisphere, they must keep developing and improving its services and operations in the food industry.

The Sydney Fish Market tries to do its best and continues to improve the reduction of pollution and the environmental sustainability of its activities. Sydney Fish Market also takes part with industry bodies, governments, business partners and


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