Fences Rose Final Draft

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John David Pieroni
AP English 4th Period Mrs. Kaplan
October 2, 2014
Character Analysis of Rose Rose holds the Maxson family together as if she was the glue of the family. She treats everyone the same, whether they are kin to each other or not. She looks past the bad things in order to stay positive. Rose always has something to eat laying around the kitchen for anyone and everyone that is in the Maxson house even if they are not family. Rose, Troy’s foil, brings out the good in Troy, and she does her best to keep him from doing things he should not do. Rose keeps the Maxson family together with her kind and loving heart. Rose is a very opionated lady, yet she gives her opinion out of love. When Troy gripes at her about
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Rose shows how she refuses to let Troy stay around the house being all grumpy and angry. Rose wants her house to be a warm feeling and loving environment. “Go on Troy. I ain’t studying you. Troy you better leave me alone,” (30). This proves how much of a lady Rose is. She wants noting of a public sexual scene, which is how a lady should be. She wants her sexual relationship with Troy to be private and just between the two of them. “You gonna drink yourself to death. You don’t need to be dinking like that,” (10). Rose shows how much she cares about Troy no matter how he treats her. Rose is worried about him and how much he drinks. Also, Rose might be scared of how Troy acts after he has been drinking and what he is capable of. “It ought to matter. You going around talking about having truck with the devil…God’s the one you gonna have to answer to. He’s the one gonna be at the Judgment,” (16). This shows how Rose feels about the Lord and her religious views. It also confirms that she tries to lead Troy in the right direction. Rose knows that if Troy keeps some of his bad ways then his Judgment Day might not turn out so well. Rose is a very strong minded woman with great values. Rose, who uses these values every day of her life, always acts as the heart and soul of the Maxson family. Rose keeps everybody in the family together. Rose displays her sad side after having her heart broken due to Troy’s dissatisfaction with just Rose as his wife. Rose


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