Feasibility Study Report

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Technical feasibility

In technical feasibility we would concentrate on the technical perspective of the project. The areas included would be the technologies needed for the project, software’s and hardware’s needed for the project and how these technologies would help in carrying out a feasible and successful project (Wolfe, 2012).In the proposed system the employees would be able to check their performance as well as how well they have carried out the tasks they have being assigned.
The main software’s needed in the development of the appraisal software are MySql and php. As in our research findings most of the small companies use Microsoft Excel or Access to create their employee database which holds the employee information. However,
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Current system
In order to study the current system we carried out a research on a few small companies. From this target group we came to the conclusion that these companies carryout their appraisal functions manually. It is during a short period of time when the higher management decides it is the right time to give a certain employee promotion or award. Some of these companies even use voting mechanism to carry out this task. The performances of the Employees are not monitored throughout the year and most of the time the employees are not aware how they are performing.

Existing System

In order to improve the current system we have proposed “Employee appraisal” software which would monitor the performance of the employees. This software is not targeted just for a time period but rather would be used throughout the year. The employees would be assigned tasks by their supervisors through this software. The employees would know when they were assigned the task and when it has to be completed. When the employees handover their work the supervisors will give feedback on their work. Also this software will be developed using the civil service appraisal guideline and the five categories in this guideline would be used to monitor the performance of the employees.
Benefits for the employees
From the Employee appraisal software the benefits provided to the employees are:
• Higher satisfaction that they are given reward/ award based on a fair evaluation.
• Motivated to


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