Explain How Othello's and Iago's Relationship Leads to Tragedy?

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Explain how Othello’s and Iago’s relationship leads to tragedy?
The most influential writer in English literature ‘William Shakespeare’ born 1564 wrote many plays comedies and sonnets. I will be talking about one of Shakespeare's most popular play which is ‘Othello’. Othello has a long and successful stage history and was one of the first plays to be performed since the 1660’s. Othello has never gone in and out of fashion like some of Shakespeare other plays. This is possibly because of their universal theme which is love and how the play has a narrow focus on three characters, Othello, Iago and Desdemona. The main focus of this essay is on the relationship of the Moor Othello, a valiant and a respected general, with Iago who is
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It all works. Othello gives in to his fears and his natural jealousy and he kills the woman he loves. Most blame Iago for his barbarous behaviour, however Othello could also be blamed because he left it all onto Iago and didn’t handle the situation himself.
This whole play fits into Aristotle’s convention of tragedy. The play has all eleven points which Aristotle made. Firstly the play does start off with a protagonist (Othello) who is noble and he is in the focal point of society as he is the general of Venice. Othello has a hamartia and that is his pride and his race. Fate and fortune also plays a role in Othello as it could be said that Desdemona’s death was meant to be and the marriage wasn’t to last anyways, however Othello had choices in his own hands, he could’ve stopped Iago from making all the discoveries and could have done it himself. Othello should have looked for the handkerchief himself which was the ocular proof that showed that there was an affair going on between Desdemona and Casio. In the play everything leads to another first there was the temptation scene where Iago started putting ideas into Othello’s head about the affair followed by the demotion of Casio in which Desdemona spoke for Casio and pleaded for him to get his position back, which was then lead onto the handkerchief which was found in Casio’s belongings but really was