Exercise 4: Endocrine System Physiology

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Hormones and Metabolism
Activity 1: Determining the Baseline Metabolic Rates

1. Which rat had the fastest baseline metabolic rate? Normal rate
2. Why did the metabolic rates differ? Because of the different organs that were removed from the two other rats that would produce certain hormones
3. If an animal has been thyroidectomized, what hormone(s) would be missing from its blood? thyroxine
4. As a result of the missing hormone(s), what would the overall effect on the body and metabolism be? Thyroxine wouldn’t be released which helps maintain metabolism and body. So
5. How could you treat a thyroidectomized animal so that it functioned like a “normal” animal? I would assume giving it shots of thyroxine or t4, of course by
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Why was this effect seen? Propylthiouracial inhibits the production of thyroxine
3. What was the effect of propylthiouracil on the thyroidectomized rat’s metabolic rate? How does it compare to the thyroidectomized rat’s baseline metabolic rate? It slowed it down but not as much as the normal rat
4. Why was this effect seen? Thyroidectomized rat is not effected as much because it is missing thyroid
5. What was the effect of propylthiouracil on the hypophysectomized rat’s metabolic rate? How does it compare to the hypophysectomized rat’s baseline metabolic rate? Didnt see to much of an effect overall.
6. Why was this effect seen? It didn’t have anything to effect since it had the important parts that would be affected removed.

Hormone Replacement Therapy
Activity 5: Hormone Replacement Therapy

1. T score (control): -2.61
2. T score (estrogen): -2
3. T score (calcitonin): -2.5
4. What effect did the administration of estrogen injections have on the estrogen-treated rat? The estrogen treated rat was able to get into the ranges of just bone thinning which suggests the estrogen injections were helping.
5. What effect did the administration of calcitonin injections have on the calcitonin-treated rat? The injection helped a little but still has osteoporosis while estrogen shots seem to help out better in the long run.

Insulin and Diabetes
Activity 7: Measuring Fasting Plasma Glucose



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