Evidence Based Practice Research

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Evidence Based Practice and Applied Nursing Research
Western Governor’s University

Evidence based practice and applied nursing research encompasses selecting a perioperative procedure such as routine shaving of a surgical site which is something you would commonly find on a surgical floor. The process of shaving a perioperative site includes cleansing and shaving the site that is to be operated on. Clipping the surgical site of hair is more appropriate because it would decrease the likelihood of surgical site infection. Gregory P Nowinski noted in his article the following: “ An alternative to using razors is powered surgical clippers. Clippers mechanically trim the hair close to the skin,
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There are at least two strategies to overcome these barriers to change. The first is to educate as many people as possible about why this clipping is better that shaving using evidence based research to show that studies have determined better patient out comes and even provide surveys or reports from other hospitals that have initiated the new protocol and have had better results and better patient outcomes because of the change. The second would be to show the administration the proof of cost effectiveness which are people spend less days in the hospital, need less antibiotics, the instruments do not have to be discarded and there fore the money saved would be very practical and could be put to better use in furthering education and improving the facility in other ways. There are several ways to apply the findings and guide the implementation of improvements to the procedure. Produce trial based experimental evidence that is reproducible to show that the hospital could start initiating the practice and begin to see improvement. Another way to apply the findings and guide implementation would be to have power points during meetings regularly scheduled for doctors and administrative personnel to attend and create protocols and booklets or handouts with the information to encourage application of the new procedure.

Reference List:
David E Reichman and James


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