European Advertising vs. American Advertising

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European Advertising vs. American Advertising
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ARS 230 The main aspect of advertising is to ‘get more bang for the buck’, to make it aesthetically pleasing to the eye and gain the viewer’s attention. Throughout the years, advertising has varied in many ways from catchy slogans to iconic logos. Some may say there is nothing wrong with a little healthy competition, but what if one area is gaining the benefits slightly different than the others because of their boldness? American and European advertising are very different culturally as well as aesthetically. There has always been a cultural difference in the style of
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This portrays a basic and simple, yet straight to the point kind of approach. In Europe you can see a trend of color blocking and also an artist like logo. “The American advertisers use more words and headlines, when many European ones use more images and illustrations; they try to find images, which in the best way, without any words, will communicate ideas that stand behind them” (SYL). This can be described as verbal versus visual.
There are many ways to compare the two continents when discussing advertising. Although no one culture is wrong, American advertising seems to feel more effective than European because you simply have more product. American and European advertising are both aesthetically visual and promotionally advertised. Weather the culture or continent, no product or company could be formally published without the beauty of advertisement.

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