Ethics and Social Justice

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This paper discusses the following aspects among others:

1) The definition and description of utilitarian theory.

2) Reviews the article “Interest s, Universal, and Particular: Bentham’s Utilitarian Theory of Value.”

3) Reflects on recent events in the news chronicling human rights violation in public and nonprofit organizations trough the selection of 3 specific examples of human rights violations in a public or nonprofit organization

4) Consideration of how the resolution of these violations could be ranked according to utilitarian theory

Ethics and Social Justice


The area of ethics and social justice is a wide area, one that requires active participation of all the members in a society to
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The events of September eleven in the U.S would rank highly and under the principle of asceticism because this was an action against the principle of utility. The issue of pleasure and pain was less considered as the offenders were not to gain pleasure in any way except their colloquies since they both were to die in the crush. However, pain would be inflicted on the victims; this ranks it highest among the three. In the case of rape in Congo, this can be ranked averagely because it lies squarely within the principles of utility in that the offenders derived pleasure doing the action but inflicted pain on the victims. This is not as severe as when serious injuries are physically inflicted on a victim and therefore pain as a result of an action, the women were hurt most emotionally hence terming it as mild pain. On the other hand, the case of environmental pollution by Bp and loss of jobs as a result of the oil spill ranks lowest and can be termed as falling under the category of sympathy and antipathy . This is because BP did not gain any pleasure as a result of the occurrence of the spill neither did it deliberately plan to carry out the action. However, the effect of the spill on the victims including fishermen, beach business operators among others caused them pain as


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