Ethical Dilemma at Workplace

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Introduction – What is an ethical dilemma?
Ethics is the term we give to our concern for good behavior. It is human nature to not only be concerned with our own personal well being, but also that of others and of human society as a whole. The difference between moral dilemmas and ethical ones, philosophers say, is that in moral issues the choice is between right and wrong. In ethical ones, the choice is between two rights.

Everyday I'm faced with decisions of right and wrong, most of which are easily and correctly dealt with. Sometimes however, decisions need to be made between right and right which are not easy or straightforward. They require intuitive understanding. Even the opinions or actions of friends faced with similar
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As a group we first tried talking to him but he gave us such emotional and sensitive reasons for his absence that we weren’t able to argue further. He was taking undue advantage of us and we knew that. Something had to be done and soon. We did not want to report him, as that might cost him his job and we knew how important money was to him right now. He had huge medical bills to be paid off. We tried talking to the manager if he can send Amit to another team but that didn’t work out as the manager was under the impression that only Amit is successful in convincing the buyers. We even requested for an extra team member due to the immense workload but then the company had budget constraints and was not able to return our request.

The Solution
Months passed by in the same situation and we kept on searching for a clean escape from the ambiguous moral mess we found ourselves in. One fine day, something magical happened. Due to our incessant efforts, our team was promoted to senior level and there was a salary hike too. We knew that with greater power comes greater responsibilities and this time we decided to confront Amit and not take no for an answer as we knew that if each of the team member did not put in long hours we won’t be able to reach the higher sales targets set for us. But as they say that when a person has no way out, he finds a way out. Amit had been giving us excuses since almost a year about how his mom


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