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The Power of Belief in Habit Changing All of us have formed habits in our daily life. Even though some of these habits only exist in our subconscious and we cannot actually make sure whether they are real or only the conjectures. But it is undoubted that all of our behaviors are influenced by our desires on specific objectives. In the book, the power of habit, Charles Duhigg explained the definition of a habit as an effort-saving instinct. “When a habit emerges, the brain stops fully participating in decision making” (20). To support his opinions on habits, he introduced the three-step model of a habit loop, the theory of golden rule of habit, and the role of a craving brain and belief in the process of a habit changing. Through learning …show more content…

Even though in most cases, our neurological cravings emerged gradually so that we can hardly notice the development. It was our craving brains which actually drove our different habit loops. For me, a craving brain is which motivated me to find better habits to complete daily homework instead of finishing it in a hurry. Many of us may think it is impossible to change a habit, for once seeing the cue, our brains will send orders automatically to start the existent habit loop and we can almost change nothing in the process. But Duhigg states his opinion on the other perspective. He introduces the golden rule of habit to demonstrate the process of a habit changing, which is: If we use the same cue, and provide the same reward, we can change our habit loop by inserting a new routine instead of the old one. What’s more important is that a habit loop cannot be eradicated(92). In the other words, it is only feasible to make a change to replace the old loop by a new one. I applied the golden rule of habit to change my habit by looking for a better routine for the similar reward. I tried to implement a study play which proposed to distribute my time efficiently and increase the quality of my homework instead of simply procrastinating to complete them. The Belief also played an important role in the process of changing a current habit. As a group, we can be easily influenced by the other members, even there may only be limited members in a group. The


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