Enders Game Book Compared to Movie

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Robert Horn
Professor Ball
Children’s Literature
10 December 2013
The Mysterious Disappearance of Locke and Demosthenes Ender’s Game is a well known science-fiction genre book that is most popular with the young-adult reader demographic. The novel was published in 1985 and written by the American author Orson Scott Card (Card). The official website of Orson Scott Card states that Ender’s Game was the winner of both the Nebula and Hugo awards for best novel in 1985 and 1986, respectively (OSC). In November of 2013 the movie adaption was released to the public with a runtime of one hour and fifty-four minutes and was met with mixed reviews garnishing only a “74% fresh” on the movie critics site rottentomatoes.com (Rotten). Like many
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In turn, Ender is seen as a more likable character. This brings me to the second major difference that I noticed between the motion picture and the novel. In the movie it seems like the film-makers really try to make Ender much more likable to a larger audience. Not to say Ender isn't likable in the book but a lot of the things Ender does that would seem displeasing to hear that he did was removed from the movie completely. For example, in the book Ender is not told that he had killed Stilson or Bonzo they keep that information from his because the adults knew that Ender would be upset. Even though Ender is unaware of what he has done the reader gets the inside scoop through the conversations between the adults. When Ender is sent down to Earth he observes three passengers on the spacecraft: himself, Colonel Graff, and the pilot. Its at this time that the reader is let in on the secret that is kept from Ender when the book confesses, “On the other hand, there's the fourth passenger on the shuttle. The one traveling in a bag” (Card Ch. 12). This is an obvious nod to the fact that Bonzo is being transported back to Earth in a body bag. In the book it is said that they keep this detail from Ender so that it won’t upset him but in the movie it feels like they don’t tell anyone as to not upset the audience. It would be easy for the audience in the theater to turn on Ender if they knew he had beaten two children to death with his bear hands. In the movie