Electronic Communication and the Negative Impact of Miscommunication

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Electronic communications, improve efficiency and productivity, but poorly written emails can cause internal strife, low morale, and loss of clients. Effective written communication will enhance internal communications as well as external communications. The ability to write effectively is a core skill that all employees, no matter what their title is, should master. If the content of an email is unclear, grammatically incorrect or is full of typos, the email will cause misunderstandings and the possible loss of business. A chain reaction of emails or letters will occur, questioning the next course of action and clients will undoubtedly believe that we will treat them with the same carelessness we took in creating that correspondence. …show more content…

A sign-in sheet will be available to ensure that all employees attend.

After the workshop has ended, a survey on what the employees have learned will be emailed to all employees. The survey should be offered as a confidential survey to ensure accurate responses. The results of the survey should tell us what the employees learned and how they will implement what they have learned.

The company should also draft a written email policy and Internet Policy with help from the Internet technology team. All employees should be required to sign the policy. This policy should be given to all new employees with the employee handbook. A copy of the signed policy will also be kept in the employee's personnel file. Alison Wetherfield, chair of the Employment Lawyers Association legislative and policy committee states that "It's perfectly appropriate for an employer to put in place an e-mail policy that says 'use it in this way and if you don't, we will discipline you'," But the problem arises when you have a policy and do not use it in practice." If a policy has not been consistently enforced, but is later used to reprimand an employee for misusing the email, it may seem unfair.

If the company implements the workshop and the e-mail and Internet policy, we will see a dramatic change in the way the employees write. Correspondence, whether it is a letter, e-mail, or memorandum, will have a more professional feel because we have had


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