ELL Placement Assessment

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June 10,2014
Lisa De Bow ELL Placement Assessment Students that are considered to be ELL students have specific tests and procedures that must be followed by schools and teachers in order to properly assess each student proficiency level in English language. After interviewing the ELL coordinator for our school, assessing the ELL student gives both the home and school environment the information needed to develop a plan to to educate each ELL student in the 21st Century. In this essay, it will examine what test are used and who conducts the test,the methods and procedures used for ongoing classroom assessment of the students,how oral language is
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The ELL students are given the same test like all students in the district,unless they are special education students. Then modifications and accommodations are made to help students. Such modifications can be reading of directions or questions. Los Angeles Unified have recognize that learning English can be a difficult task for some students. So all students are given a block of four to six years to become proficiency in English-Language. When students have reached the ELD levels of 4 or 5, they have the opportunity to exit the ELL classification. The criteria to exit the ELL placement is basis on several factors. The students is at the ELD level 4 or 5 with proficiency scores of three or four in each domain area, their CST or CMA scores or basic or above, English proficiency on CELDT, teachers evaluation based on grade and with the parents approval. Once the reclassification is completed all older ELD folders are removed and the final ELD folder is place in the cums and passed on to the next teacher. If by some chance the has meet the other requirements and not the grades. The Language Appraisal Team analyze other student data that demonstrates grade-level proficiency.(LAUSD,2012). Students that have been reclassified are now called the Reclassified English Fluent Proficient.


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