Dutch commando corps

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Case 1 – Selection: Staffing Dutch corps commando troops

1. There are five main competencies needed for the staffing of the Dutch Corps Commando Troops. The competencies, as mentioned in the article given, include (1) physical abilities, (2) war-fighting skills (such as skills in explosive ordnance disposal, close quarters battle, aerial infiltration, and survival, evasion, resistance and escape), (3) mental ability (cognitive capacity, for example), (4) personality traits or characteristics (such as decisiveness, emotional stability, confidence and extraversion), and last but not least, (5) integrity or trustworthiness.

In order to join the Dutch corps commando troops it is required to have a special skill set. By using different
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These tests also allow for an overview of all the personality traits of the candidates, which can be used for defining the specific roles that they might be divided into during their tenures.

In an attempt to evaluate a candidate’s trustworthiness, or integrity, the candidate should go through individual interviews and personality testing. As it can be considered a very difficult competency to measure, it is necessary to evaluate this subjectively as well as objectively, thus making use of the more subjective individual interview in addition to the more objective standardized personality test. One of the ways this can be assessed is through a quite unusual work sample test. Given the extraordinary nature of an elite special soldiers work tasks, he may be given top-secret information. If he is captured, the enemy might try to access this information by using force. In other words, he might be tortured. A way to judge who is going to talk during a situation like this is to simulate torture, which can be achieved by causing him pain in ways that will not cause long-term effects or injuries. Stress-positions and sense deprivation are examples of that. This kind of work sample test is to be recommended in screening for highly trustworthy candidates.

2. The organization of the selection process as a whole would be based on making the process effective and cost-efficient, in addition to keeping primary focus on maintaining the validity of the assessments made.

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