Discuss the Major Factors Associated with Appraisal of Expatriate Managerial Performance

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An expatriate is a manager from a company who is sent abroad for a mission.
The mission varies depending on the need of the multinationals in the host country, it can be the control of quality or establishing the MNE’s procedures in a subsidiary.
Multinationals need to form it managers to go overseas because the international environment is very difficult.
Thus, managers are evaluated on their mission to have a feedback from the experience and then analyze where they succeeded and where they failed and mainly why.
We will study the major factors associated with appraisal of expatriate management performance. To do that, we will see in a first part the variables which can influence performance and in a second time, the factors of
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Chief executive officer if he/she is in charge of the entire operation, Structure producer to the purpose to reproduce a similar structure of his company on different levels (marketing, accounting), Troubleshooter if there is any problem in the operation in the subsidiary, he/she need to analyze what is wrong and solve it and finally the Operative, a supervisor role.
It is to the PCN to predetermine the role of the expatriate, which will allow him/her to prepare enough before the sending.
There is a need to study the local culture and not use headquarters practices because they change from a country to another.
Headquarters practices must be use just for control, supervision to analyze if the entire operation works or if there is any modification to do. In this case, MNE utilize it experience to improve the subsidiary.

The support of the MNE is important for the manager during his mission overseas.
An expatriate can accept to go abroad for his/her career or money but it is often the loyalty, which determines it decision so the company can’t ignore that.
MNE can relocate family’s manager to accompany him/her in the experience abroad.
Family might be a determinant criterion for performance management. A manager will have more facilities regarding the adaptation in a new country if he/she has the family close to him/her.
For example, if he/she had a bad day in work, he/she will not be alone and to know that