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HEB possess many corporate social responsibilities (CSR) and I believe that the way HEB executes their responsibilities can benefit and improve the Houston Food Bank (HFB). “The meaning of the CSR is to recognize that business firms have not one but many different kinds of responsibilities, including economic and legal responsibilities. Corporations have an economic responsibility to produce goods and services also to provide jobs and good wages to the work force while earning a profit (The Business Cornerstone). “The concept of corporate social responsibility is often expressed as the voluntary assumption of responsibilities that go beyond the purely economic and legal responsibilities of the firm (Scilly).”
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Philanthropic responsibilities are responsibilities that go above and beyond what is simply required or what the company believes is right. HEB focuses on diversity and community involvement. These two key qualities contribute to the growing success of HEB. HEB makes sure they are constantly involved in the community and lending a helping hand. For example, they participate in honoring veterans, feasts of sharing, and diversity. The HFB makes sure they use philanthropic funds legally since it is a non-profit organization. The examples of philanthropic use by the HFB are: * “Members shall take care to ensure that all solicitation and communication materials are accurate and correctly reflect their organizations’ mission and use of solicited funds.” * “Members shall take care to ensure that donors receive informed, accurate and ethical advice about the value and tax implications of contributions.” * “Members shall take care to ensure that contributions are used in accordance with donors’ intentions.” * “Members shall take care to ensure proper stewardship of all revenue sources, including timely reports on the use and management of such funds.” * “Members shall obtain explicit consent by donors before altering the conditions of financial transactions (HFB code of ethics).” The CSR model would be most applicable and beneficial to HFB because it would cover all 4 bases needed to run a successful business. You as a business owner have to not only lead


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