Compare and Contrast Film Excalibur to Sir Thomas Malory’s Le Morte D’arthur

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Compare and Contrast
Film Excalibur to Sir Thomas Malory’s Le Morte d’Arthur

Literary works on the story of King Arthur and his cohorts is a story that had been narrated in several books and even modified in movies which typical illustrates the lives of the Arthurian legends. The story “The Excalibur” cannot be compared with any of the other versions of the Arthurian tales ever in history. Sir Thomas Malory’s version of the Arthurian tale took a French style and name in which some elements of the movie are quite different from the original versions of the tale. Nonetheless, the significance of the story was never reflected in any of the versions of the tale that had been told. Attempts had been made in reconstructing the historical
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In the Le Morte d’ Arthur, it was recorded that King Arthur attacked Mordred on two several occasions and one of them could be seen as unintentional, but in the Excalibur, it was recorded that both of them engaged in combat only once.
The style employed by Malory in portraying the story could be seen as the most significant in the sense that certain myth were retained which signifies the old British culture where magic was largely the foundation of the empire. This was identified in the faith of King Arthur in the Excalibur which was the sword given to him by the Lady of the Lake. The effect of this could be related to the ancient Roman Empire’s belief in the interference of the gods in the affairs of men. In Le Morte d’ Arthur, the Excalibur represents a symbolic element of authority which was possessed by King Arthur as given by the Lady of the Lake (Excalibur).
The significance of the sword was more pronounced in Le Morte d’ Arthur as King Arthur gave out instruction to one of his Knights at his death to throw the sword into the river and he would experience a miracle. The servant went to hide the sword twice but King Arthur knew the significance of the sword if placed in the wrong hands, so he was bent on the servant disposing the sword and telling him what he experienced.
The inconsistency in both versions could be explained in terms of the efforts of the narrator to improve on the existing story with a touch of


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