Comparative Essay - the Book Thief

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Paige Ghesquire
ENG 3UI – 05
Ms. Wright
May 23, 2015
The Kite Runner: The Power of Words “The power of words, written or spoken, have life. They can change the world.” (search quotes). The power of words should not be underestimated. Liesel proves this to be true in the novel and the film The Book Thief. She uses words to develop relationships with her foster father, Hans Hubermann; Max Vandenburg, the illicit Jew in her basement; and her neighbours. In the novel The Book Thief by Markus Zusak there is much more relationship development compared to the film The Book Thief directed by Brian Percival. This consequently causes the theme of the power of words to be less prominent in the film. The novel The Book Thief develops the
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This begins the relationship between Hans and Liesel. Liesel begins to trust Hans and allows him to get to know her. This develops the theme because Hans uses his comforting words to sooth Liesel and to gain her trust. Second, Hans teaches Liesel how to read, “She’s reading,’ he said. Papa handed Liesel a steadfast smile and a wink. “With me. I’m teaching her.” (Zusak 68). Liesel loves reading so having her papa teach her how to read solidifies Liesel’s fondness of her new papa. This develops the theme because Liesel loves to read but cannot, so by teaching Liesel how to read, Hans shows her the world of words. Lastly, Hans buys Liesel books for Christmas, “Knowing that the Hubermann’s were essentially broke… she was not expecting a gift of any sort. Perhaps only some better food. To her surprise, on Christmas Eve… she came home to find something wrapped in newspaper under the Christmas tree.” (Zusak 88). Even though Liesel’s foster parents are next to broke, Hans managed to trade his ration of tobacco to a gypsy for two books to give to Liesel for Christmas. This further develops Liesel’s love for her papa. This develops the theme because it shows how important words, in the form of books, are to Liesel and her family. The theme of the power of words is minimized in the film because only the scene in which Hans teaches Liesel to read is present. By only showing this aspect of the development between Liesel and Hans, the theme is less


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