Compaire and Contrast of Torture

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Torture At some point everyone has heard of torture. It could have been in a movie or on the news, but they have heard of it. In this day and age, people would like to have believed it was all behind us in the past. Then 9/11 happened, everyone’s lives were changed with one simple act of cruelty. Before 9/11 hit the U.S. in a wave of pain, panic, and anger, our viewpoints on torture would probably have been less likely that it should be allowed. The decision to torture people who are suspected of being part of terrorist groups has always been decided by the government, for the simple reason that it is required to keep us safe from harm. Some people believe that torture is cruel, unsightly and just inhumane. On the other hand there are …show more content…

Yet these same people forget to look at history, when the inquisition was sent out to find what they wanted to know. Also during the times of witch hunts, suspects were tortured until they admitted that they were witches.
In all reality most people see torture as being something that should never be done, even the people who see the value of torturing a suspected bomber or kidnaper. In our times torture is used less and less to get information that is needed. With medical science advancements that can allow the interrogator to extract information, without causing harm to the suspect will make torture a thing of the past. One such advancement can be found in the book “Educing Information” written by the Intelligence Science Board. In this book they give ways of extracting information without torture.
In conclusion, torturing suspects to acquire information should be left up to the government. It is their job to keep the citizens safe from harm, both domestic and foreign. It is also their job to keep the peace with its citizens. With new ways of getting information, governments should result less and less to torture. So when the time comes to when it is no longer needed, that will be the times the world will be at