Commuting vs Dorming

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Chelsea Clough
Professor Dingle
13 December 2012
Commuting vs. Dorming The hardest decision a student has to make during their senior year of high school is which school to attend and whether to live on campus or commute. There are both advantages and disadvantages to both scenarios. The entire college experience is a learning trip and it is oftentimes a young adults first step towards independence. Living on campus is an adjustment and is a huge eye-opener to the real world. The college dorm life is considered to be part of the "full college experience," but the costs of living in a residence hall can persuade students to remain home while they are in college in order to avoid housing fees. The biggest advantage of
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Also, you might not get along with them, and may have to deal with amazingly rude behavior (Dorming or Commuting: Which is best for you? 1). The biggest advantage to living at home is the ability to save money. Room and board at college can get very expensive, nearly doubling your college expenses (Dorming or Commuting: Which is best for you? 1). Students and their families won't have to pay extra for a dorm room or apartment living by the school, and they can still enjoy meals at home and the conveniences of home life. Students who commute are not restricted to on-campus activities or school functions. They are also allowed to come and go as they please and still get to have that “out of school” life that we may be used too. Living at home means you will be able to spend time away from campus. This way, if life at college is getting too stressful, you can always click your heels and head home (Dorming or Commuting: Which is best for you? 1). One of the biggest advantages was the separation of school and home life. You do not have to live on campus and see the buildings where your classes are or become overly focused on campus life. One of the greatest benefits of living off campus is the independence that is gained from the experience, such as working form home or taking an online class. While the independence that is gained while commuting is alluring, the more obvious benefit of commuting is of course saving money. Campus housing can