Communication Interactive Analysis

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Goal for the interaction: My goals for the interaction was to create and build a therapeutic relationship with the client. I hoped to use multiple communication techniques such as the use of open ended questions and general leads.
Description of the environment: The interaction first took place in the cafeteria of the home during breakfast. We were both seated at a table and there was plenty of background noise as there were multiple people eating and having conversations. Later on the interaction moved to the client’s room because it was quiet and there was almost no background noise. The client sat on the edge of here bed while I sat on a chair beside the bed.
Student’s Communication (including
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Having the client comfortable in the situation will ensure that the client will remain focused in the conversation and continue to engage in conversation with me.
The client then took control of the conversation and asked if I skied
“no I do not ski, but this seems like the perfect place to try it, Did you ski?”
• I was continuing to work on good facilitative body language, this time I had my arms crossed and maintained eye contact. I also paused for a moment to allow the client to reflect. I maintained a smile one my face. I was worried at this point because I hadn’t covered any of the topics needed for the communication analysis and the client had taken control of the conversation, my time for the visit was also almost over. “You should ski there are great places around here, I used to all the time but now I stick to walking”

• The client had a very large smile on her face and seemed very enthused; there was also a tone of mild shock at my reply. When dealing with the client my facial expressions as well as hers were very important when understanding the message that was trying to be conveyed. Facial expression either reinforces or modifies the message the listener hears. The power of the facial expression far overweighs the power of the actual words (Arnold & Boggs, 2011, p. 167).

Summary Discussion
Throughout my interaction with the client I tried to use a variety of communication styles. My main method of


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