Comcast - Improving the Point-of-Sales System

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Executive Summary

Customers need to know that they are receiving the best deals possible regardless of how they are signing up for their services. Comcast has different avenues of sales to meet customer’s individual needs, but the inconsistency in their point-of-sales system has lead to become a problem for quite a few years now. This report was written at the request of Neil Smit, Chief Executive Officer, to explore options for Comcast, which has been experienced a decrease in video subscribers. The main purpose of my investigation was to implement one point-of-sales system to assure that all customers are equally receiving the best possible deals and packages, while continuing to increase video subscribers and its revenue.

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All the package deals offered change on a weekly basis. Some offers that are advertised have a capped date, but others, such as some offered online, do not. While providing customers with the best possible deals available, Comcast continuously changes the offers to its customers to keep ahead of its competitors. While this marketing strategy is innovative, it can also create issues as noted in the report. Figure 2 displays the average monthly cable bill prices in Boston from 2009 to 2012 ( Figure 3 displays how much monthly prices for Comcast’s “Digital Starter” package has increased from 2003 to 2012 (

What Comcast Should Do Moving Forward - Implement One Point-Of-Sales System
Moving forward, one of the solutions that Comcast needs to implement is one point-of-sales system where every customer is able to receive the same deal. If the company is going to allow services to be initiated online, over the phone, or by independent sales representatives, then the should all be able to extend the same offers to all customers, new and existing. They could cap off certain deals in order to keep new deals entering the sales system, but still have the other offers available especially if its in such a short time period that they are offered. New customers should be allowed to make changes to their packages within a thirty day bracket without any hassle. Existing customers who are bound to a contract