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This essay will talk about face recognition and several reasons why it has been studied separately. The ability to recognise faces is of huge significance of people’s daily life and differs in important ways from other forms of object recognition (Bruce and Young, 1986). Than this essay will talk about the processes involved in face recognition which comes from the diversity of research about familiar and unfamiliar faces-it includes behavioural studies, studies on brain-damaged patients, and neuroimaging studies. Finally, it will discuss how face recognition differs from the recognition of other object by involving more holistic or configuration processing and different areas of the brain (Eysenck & Keane, 2005).
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The person identity nodes are gate-ways into semantic information, and can be activated by verbal input about people’s names or by facial input. Thus, they provide information about the familiarity of the individuals based on either verbal or facial information. Finally, the semantic information units contain name and other information about individuals (e.g., occupation, nationality). The support of the model comes from the associative priming effects found in the recognition of familiar faces (e.g., Bruce & Valentine, 1986).
Several explanations were put forward to demonstrate why face recognition processes differ from other object recognition. Farah (1990, 1994a) proposed that holistic analysis and analysis by part are involved in the recognition of most objects. Holistic analysis refers to configuration or overall structure of an object that is processed, whereas analysis by part refers to processing that focuses on constituent part of an object. Farah (1998) found that face recognition depends mainly on holistic processing, which indicates that faces are stored in memory in the holistic form, however he failed to show that faces are presented holistically.
Furthermore, Gauthier and Tarr (2002) examined if holistic or configural processing is indeed specific to faces. They used families of artificial objects called ‘Greebles’ with increased sensitivity of configural changes. Participants were given several hours to become


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