Cloud Computing Essay

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Cloud Computing—Technology at Its Best

Donna Hare

Ashford University

Computer Literature—INF 103

Mortoza Abdullah

September 3, 2012

Table of Contents
Definition “What is Cloud Computing?”4-5
History of Cloud Computing5-6
Cloud Computing Services6-7
Examples of Cloud Computing8
Cloud Computing Infrastructure/Service Models9-10
Characteristics of Cloud Computing10-11
The Latest Innovation of Cloud Computing11-12
The Latest Invention of Cloud Computing12-14
Privacy Concerns14-18



Cloud computing is somewhat like the sun on a cloudy day; you cannot see it, but you know it is there. You do not get to see what is on the other side of the
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They only pay for what they actually use. They can access resources from the cloud at any time and from any Internet connection. They use remote servers housed in a highly secure data center for data storage and management so organizations no longer need to purchase and look at their IT solutions in house.
CLOUD COMPUTING SERVICES There are different types of cloud services. These services determine the type of individual requirements they serve. For example, a business may have many needs whereas another business may only have the need to back-up the contents of their PC.
Some of the different ways that cloud services accommodate diversified requirements are; private cloud, public cloud, personal cloud, and hybrid cloud.

A private cloud is typically utilized by corporate organizations and is a virtual service which is provided to a designated number of individuals. The cloud can be hosted on the premises or through a cloud provider and is limited to specific users and protected by a firewall and other security resources. The pubic cloud is also referred to as “external cloud,” describing the conventional meaning of cloud computing: scalable, dynamically provisional, and often virtualized resources available over the Internet from an off-site third party provider, which divides up resources and bills its customers on a utility basis. A public cloud is just as the name implies and offers services such as data backup and


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