Christianity and Life

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Personal Commitments Assessment
Name: Adrianne scott
Course: CWV-101
Date: 05/03/2015
Instructor: Valerie de la torre

Be sure you answer both Part 1 and Part 2 of this assignment before submitting.
Part 1
After reading chapter 2 in the textbook and the lecture for this topic, write a 2-3 sentence answer to each of the six questions that form the basic components or personal commitments for your worldview. Answer the questions about your own beliefs, in your own words, not what you think the Christian worldview believes. Keep this worksheet intact and only add your answers under each question.
1. What is ultimate reality? Ultimate reality to me seems like life gives you choices at the end we have to make the decision to what makes us more
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So far I feel my purpose is to be a mother and also help inspire others who feel they can’t succeed in life. I am that person who makes people day when they feel down I use the wisdom I was taught to help reign upon those who lose hope. My purpose is to live the best life possible and to touch others around me so when my day comes to pass I want to be remembered for my legacy and the positive things and people life I have changed around me. So I start on me and my journey with the lord before I can help and inspire others.
Part 2
Answer the following two questions with a 250-400 word response for each:
1. Your answers to the questions in Part 1 form the basis of your worldview. Now that you have articulated your worldview, evaluate it according to the Practical Test, described in chapter 2 of the textbook and the lecture. Can you live your worldview out in the world as we know it? Why or why not?

Yes it’s possible to live your worldview out in the world as we know it because no matter what you believe in my world I know if I allow god in my life he who works against me shall prosper I have strong belief and faith and do not allow anyone to change or condemn my beliefs because they aren’t sure or unaware of theirs. Everyone is entitled to their way of life. I understand there will be many challenges because for example I watch a show


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