Chick N Gravy

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I. Introduction II. Statement of the Problem

Based on the case, two problems were formulated?

1. How will defects be measured and what quality tools will be used?

2. What should Ana recommend to the manager after knowing the results?

III. Objectives

* To determine the most numbered defect and the most defective product line with the use of quality tools

* To address the solution to the manager

IV. Areas of Consideration

Chick-n-Gravy frozen dinner

A. Aesthetics

* This dimension of quality characterized the appearance, smell, and taste of the product. As the group assessed the Chick-n-Gravy frozen dinner, it showed that problems on aesthetics would be on unacceptable taste of the product and spilled
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The complaint for the product that has unacceptable taste is more in product line 1. Because of this, the defect which is caused by unacceptable defects will be given priority.

VIII. Actions

1. Inspect purchased raw materials. 2. Inspect the finished products. 3. Inspect the accuracy of workers on each product line. 4. Inspect the equipments and machines used. 5. Inspect the cleanliness of the kitchen.

IX. Solution and Recommendation

Because the major defect comes with the taste of the product which is unacceptable, the solution that would be recommended to the manager would be the classified into different categories based on possible causes:

1. If the cause is with the raw materials, it is better to recommend that the manager would assign someone or he himself will check each raw material purchased. In addition, he could also inspect firms for each raw material they are using to ensure the outmost quality and if health regulations are observed. 2. If the cause is with the equipments and machines, the recommendation is for the manager to hire a mechanic to inspect each equipment and machine, and if something is wrong then it should be fixed right away or changed; whether of the two that a firm could incur less cost. For long term purposes, the frozen firm could invest on