Character Analysis of Water for Elephant

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English Character Analysis Essay
9th Novemember 2011 Water for Elephants
In a recent interview for “”, Robert Pattinson, a household young actor, revealed that he was offered with various movie characters that he could choose from as his next role after starring in the “Twilight” series. Finally, he decided to play the role of Jacob Jankowski in a film adaptation directed by Francis Lawrence, “Water for Elephants”. Why did Robert Pattinson choose to act an orphaned and impecunious Cornell veterinary student who earned a living as a vet in a traveling circus? In what way did this character attract him? What would a Polish American’s life be like during the
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Jacob didn’t realize that a fight with August was not going to solve the problem but may become the trigger of another conflict. As the movie goes, the audience can clearly see that a subtle relationship between Jacob and Rosie was gradually developed during their interactions. In fact, they had many things in common. First, both Jacob and Rosie “spoke” Polish. Second, living under August’s dictatorship, they eventually made their rebel. Third, they both had a deep love for Marlena and would use their lives to protect her. Having so many similarities, the elephant Rosie is actually the symbol of Jacob in the movie. By using the method of symbolization, the director made Jacob a round and vivid character.
At the climax of the movie, some circus workers rebelled August by releasing the circus animals and making a huge chaos during a performance. That performance became the last one of the Benzini Brothers’. August was killed by Rosie when he was attempting to kill Marlena. Leaving with some circus animals, Jacob and Marlena start their fabulous new life together. Jacob Jankowski's legendary experience during the Great Depression was like a test of his values and qualities. In spite of his naivety and impulsiveness, Jacob, a compassionate, brave and strong-minded man overall, delivered an excellent test paper and got his satisfying result. He deserved


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