Case of Aline Deneuve

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Case of Aline DeNeuve

This case Aline DeNeuve is written by Alvin Turner, from St. Catharine’s, Ontario, Canada. There are a lot of issues in this case. Aline talked with five random employees to secure their views on having another retreat and to take their opinion how effective was the previous retreat.

The first employee she talked with was Heather. The main issue over here is mostly stereotypical and racial discrimination. Heather told she doesn’t like retreats. She also said that she was ignored to give a promotion six months ago by her supervisor Jack as she was Chinese, and that her supervisor doesn’t like foreigners. She also stated that the three day retreat held once a year won’t solve the anti-social atmosphere between
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She also doesn’t like her job anymore as it became too stressful for her. She also stated that the company kept on promising her that it will hire more customer service representative, but haven’t hired anyone. She also mentioned that it is getting hard for her to maintain her marriage with such a stressful job beside. June also said that she got tired of answering customer’s silly questions. The first problem June had was shortage of customer service representative which made her working condition stressful. She can write a letter to the organization’s head stating the entire problem that she is facing and asking for an immediate solution. The fact that June’s marriage life is getting affected from her work life falls in an OB concept, work-life balance. People tend to lose control of their marriage life due to a stressful condition in their work life. This problem can be solved by the means of virtual work. She can request the company to work from her home instead of working in the office using information technology. This will let her to for work from the comfort of her home; allowing to have a better and balanced lifestyle. Many survey came up with results that on an average, a person working in a call center works no more than two years. However, I think June should leave her current job and look for a better one, because doing something that she doesn’t like, won’t be productive for her or the