Case Study of Jot

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Table of Contents Contents 1.0 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 3 2.0 INDUSTRY BACKGROUND 4 3.0 STRATEGIC ANALYSIS 4 3.1 Company Analysis 4 3.1.1SWOT Analysis (Appendix A) 4 3.1.2 Ansoff’s Growth Vector Matrix (Appendix B) 5 3.1.3 Porter's Generic Strategies (Appendix C) 6 3.2 Industry Analysis 6 3.2.1 PEST Analysis (Appendix D) 6 4.0 FINANCIAL ANALYSIS (Appendix E) 6 4.1 Profitability ratios 6 4.2 Liquidity Ratio 6 4.3 Activity Ratio 7 4.4 Debt Ratio 7 5.0 WHAT-SO ANALYSIS 8 6.0 SCENARIO ANALYSIS AND RECOMMENDATION 12 6.1 Near-Shoring Proposal in Voldania (Appendix F) 12 6.2
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These markets will offer little expansion in the short-term in terms of increased revenue with the current world wide recessions that have hit most of the developed countries hard. Existing Product-New Markets While the USA and European markets are facing recession with austerity in major EU markets, it’s time to look for alternate markets. Developing markets like Russia, China and India are the markets that can provide the much needed revenue growth for Jot. Compared to other markets, the emerging Asia fetched only 8.45%. These are the markets that are untapped to a great extent and needs major attention. New Product-Existing Market When it comes to entering new markets with new products, a major shift in strategy is necessary. Jot is a company producing toys for children. The current market trend shows that children are more tech savvy and want more and more products that offer technologically advanced and user friendly toys. New Product-New Market Jot is introducing around 5/6 products every year with an annual R&D budget of € 1.2 million. With the budget for each product development, it can easily focus the Asian markets where the buying power is generally lower than that of EU and USA but with a much larger population. Cheaper products concentrating the Asian markets should allow them to have a more diversified business that are less prone to major worldwide downturns like the recent subprime crisis that has brought most


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