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Case Analysis Form
Muhammad Jehanzaib Khan (ERP 11660)
Smith Financial Corporation (SFC)
There were several fundamental flaws from SFC’s senior management and
Miller, which eventually led to his termination.
The old resource in the S&P had 3-15 years of experience in the firm and despite the post being vacant for over 1 year and none of them weren’t given a chance to lead this department and it was directly under Jones.
The senior management hired Miller with a goal to restructure and reorganize the Information Department; the real need of it was not discussed with the existing team members.
Problems with
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change from
Lotus to Microsoft or choosing In-house development as opposed to
Interpush. Additionally, Miller should have been assisted by an associate, as a communication resource, with significant experience with SFC. The associate will act as a bridge between the team and Miller and also develop
Miller’s relationship and credibility in the firm.
Moreover, it will be in the associate’s job description to help Miller prepare his weekly progress; which Miller will sign and send to Jones to keep him updated.
The communication strategy adopted by Miller where the audience is the data management team seems to be an arrow approach disguised in a circuit style where he takes comments from the teams but disregards them or give them zero importance. While addressing the data management team
Miller should gain his credibility by seeking their opinions and if he tends to have different opinions on how things should be handled as suggested by the team, Miller should persuade the team by making a strong case based on facts for choosing the new option which should also be communicated to everyone in the Data management team for better understanding. Moreover, Miller should also assure job security and perks to individuals willing to


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