Case Study: Harassment at Brademore Electric

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Harassment at Brademore Electric
Albert Balogun
California Baptist University
BUS 520A: Managerial Ethics
Jim Bishop, PhD
June 16, 2010

Harassment at Brademore Electric The purpose of this paper is to analyze briefly key issues involved in sexual harassment in workplaces using a case study titled ‘Harassment at Bradmore Electric’ as the basis of the analysis. Prior to analyzing the case study, a brief definition and description of sexual harassment is deemed necessary. Cases and reported incidence of sexual harassments have become rampant and escalating in workplaces and in educational settings. This
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Maura on her part repeatedly declined and to get Keith off her back, she had to lie about her commitment to other men. Keith remained undeterred and continued to ask Maura out with a promise of a future together. Things started to get out of hands as Keith constantly kept his gaze on Maura at every opportunity. Keith even shared his sexual fantasies about Maura with two other male employees even as he did not expressly inform Maura of his sexual desires. Later, the Vice President (B.K. Singh) became aware of Keith’s sexual fantasies about Maura through another employee. Maura herself came forward to inform the Vice President of the sexual harassment she was going through in the hands of Keith. Surprisingly, the Vice President decided not to act on the reported case of harassment to avoid creating a ‘contaminated work environment’ nor was Keith asked to either confirm or deny the allegations. Responses To determine if Keith’s conduct is a case of sexual harassment, every circumstance of the case would require to be examined using the laid down court pronouncements judicial precedents of what constitute sexual harassments. Using the five elements under the old intimidation theory, each element was present in this case. Even though, it was stated that Keith ‘never mentioned to Maura that