Case Study- General Hospital

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Analysis of: “Conflict Resolution at General Hospital”
August 22, 2010

This is paper will address the conflict at General Hospital and discuss the conflict management styles that are evident in the case. Next, there will be a discussion of how General Hospital could have used teams to address the cost reductions needed to stay competitive. A description of how Hammer can use negotiation skills to get buy in for the cost reductions will also be included. Finally, a strategy for Hammer to resolve the problem will be recommended.

Cost control and management/physician agreement are the main conflicts at
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Williams. Dr. Williams called a meeting with the medical staff and requested Harding to attend which she avoided. Instead Harding sent John Will with a message: “General Hospital needs to stay abreast of ongoing technological developments in science and medicine, especially when costs are reduced.” (Hellriegel & Slocum, pp. 547) Harding is staying away from the conflict by refusing to attend the meeting and sending the message through her assistant John Will. Discuss how General Hospital could have used teams to address the cost reductions needed to stay competitive. Teams can be used to negotiate salaries of all staff, infrastructure maintenance, new technology, medicinal and other financial needs. Staffing (can and some a few nurses) can be reduced in some areas since the numbers of beds being used have been greatly reduced. Forming relationships with other medical center or specialized physicians to come in on a contract/ on call basis would also be cost effective in slow periods. Teams are able to brain storm to come up with ideas together and then put them into action as they are agreed upon as a common goal. Describe how Hammer can use negotiation skills to get buy-in for the cost reductions. The negotiation skills are very important to reach the desired goals of cost reduction and conflict resolution at General Hospital. Instead of Hammer using the Distributive


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