Case Study: Circuit Board Fabricators Inc.

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Case Study: Circuit Board Fabricators Inc.
Carl Anthony Jackson Sr.
University of Phoenix
OSC301 Operations Management
Kimberly Ford
January, 21 2008

In this case study Circuit Board Fabricators manufactures circuit boards for several computer companies. CBF has a capacity to produce 1000 circuit boards per day, but CBF can not meet these objectives set by process engineers. This case study will analyze what CBF is doing wrong and how they can improve their process to meet the goals of process engineers. Circuit Board Fabricators Inc. is a small company that manufacturers circuit boards for various computer companies. CBF needs to supply their customers with the highest quality circuit boards
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CBF needs to decrease the number of circuit boards falling out in the initial inspection process to give the company better results in the finial inspection process. Performance requirements should start with a better blank circuit board from CBF’s suppliers. CBF should also lower the percent of bad circuit boards that the process sends through the preparation process need to prepare the boards for final inspection and shipping. To improve performance CBF should get better quality blank boards to save money, increase quality, and production to save time in shipping circuit boards to their customers.
The top three processes for improvement in CBF manufacturing process are effectiveness, efficiency and quality. The process that CBF use to get the number of good circuit boards can be improved by other means to give better results. My company could use these steps to better their process. BFS has been guilty of making tires over the production objective because the company knew that a certain number of tires would not pass final inspection. This process has since changed when Bridgestone Tire Company bought Firestone Tire Company in 1988. In conclusion CBF has used a process that would produce a certain number of circuit boards but did not yield the number of quality