Candler V. Persuad

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Candler V.Persaud Case Study

Candler v. Persaud Case Study
In order for physicians to get clinical surgery privileges to perform certain procedures in the realm of their practices, they have to obtain adequate abilities and experiences. There must be a combination of knowledge in theory and experience earned during practical situations. Without a clear confirmation of such combination of theory and practical knowledge, physicians are not in a safe position to perform any procedures. In the hospital setting, physicians must receive the clinical surgery privileges from hospital to perform any procedure there. It is incumbent to hospital to make sure all due diligence is followed by the physician. The hospital must check and cross
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Competency, here cannot be based on solely a general knowledge and training in surgery procedures. Thus, specific prior experience is necessary in order to earn to credentials of competency. In this case the surgeon needs to more than just a certificate received from completing a laparoscopic laser cholecystectomy workshop. Furthermore, the skills acquire during residency is not enough support the qualifications of a surgeon. Special education, training, practice, experience, and time are required for specific procedures. Before granting any clinical procedure privileges to a surgeon to perform a particular procedure, the hospital is required to outline specific requirements from surgeons seeking such privileges. For example, The University of Mississippi Medical Center Grenada sets up criteria to perform Laparoscopic cholecystectomy procedures. Applicant must complete an approved residency in general surgery plus completion of a one and one-half day (or greater continuing medical education course in laparoscopic cholecystectomy including actual practice as assistant camera operator, and primary surgeon during at least one procedure on a live animal such as a pig weighing at least 50 pounds. Furthermore, applicant must demonstrate performance of a least 100 surgical procedures including at least 10 cholecystectomies and a process in order to grant privileges. Also, physician seeking privileges must show experience as a first