Cafe Bijoux

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Café Bijoux

Algoma University

Q 1) What is the current positioning strategy? Is it working? Why or why not?
Positioning strategy helps a company in creating its identity and its products/service it provides (Anderson, 2011). Café Bijoux offers a relatively low price for a cup of soup and a sandwich, while offering healthy and tasty meals to their targeted market (primarily workers at the City Hall). To keep the cost low, the management did not printed a menu instead it was written on a chalkboard and was updated daily. In addition, the condiments were handed out to the customers as they picked up their orders. Business operations were from 10 am till 3 pm, mainly attracting customers from local surrounding business for lunch,
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This definitely targets the right crowd, at the wrong time, literally. Scheduling of hours of operations are tremendously hurting the business, by opening at 10am and closing at 3pm. The major activity is lost from the morning peak of breakfast through to its late afternoon lunch/dinner slot. The mismanagement of hours of operations is costing the business a lot of money, and will continue to due to the environment that it does business in. Advertising and Marketing have also taken the back seat due to lack of funds, this is hurting the business and is definitely taking away from it. The current business model, which entails a fresh and healthy living, does target many individuals in the current area such as, residential and other various offices. Furthermore, no take-out orders or catering initiatives have been implemented to increase awareness or capability. In addition, a fixed menu has not been created that should list the most favored items along with their prices. Losing out on this chance is another businesses’ gain, by not creating and distributing menus or listing the menu on an online website is a no brainer. This can be very cost effective considering mass production, as well as a free website that advertises small business ventures within the area. The break-even point is not even reached, so these negative figures are falling along with the co-owners.

Q 3) Is there a way to improve the restaurants