Business Systems That Have Been Hacked

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Business systems that have been hacked

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The concept of technological environment is considered to be the most dramatic force in today’s time, which has been shaping our destinies in a continuous fashion. Technology has released wonders in all the fields possible and has greatly been affecting mankind, whether be it robotics, medical science, miniature electronics or businesses engaged in the online market. Almost all the organizations today are connected to the masses through websites which can be availed at cheap costs, and in a lot of cases, even free of expenditure. The credit for this situation can be attributed to the technological advancements made in
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Other than the company’s security breach, the details of its customers, employees and shareholders were also at stake, and hence, the company should not have dilly-dallied in coming out with the truth of its security breach. A long period of 10 days was taken by the company, in order to effectively fix the breach and construct a stronger security system to protect its online network. This was totally uncalled for, since the prospective customers already lost a lot of their trust in the company, due to the time taken by them to announce the cyber-attack. Moreover, the However, Reuters on the other hand believe that the time was taken to come out with the truth since the company was yet to fix the glitch and did not want the world to know about it, as they feared chances of yet another hacking into the company’s computer systems.

Let us assume that Nissan was engaged in using the services of a third party accounting system, say, ABC Corps, for managing its global accounting activities, their entries and globalised integration into the company’s computer system. Under such circumstances, the following would be the level of responsibility of ABC Corps to Nissan and its clients: * Identification of the glitch and whether it was the service’s provider’s fault: The service provide must ensure that the glitch in the company’s computer systems did not exist due to improper work


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