Business Ethics

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Question 1:

1. What are the relevant facts? (10 marks)

• Annie, a copywriter for Laird and Laird (L&L) Advertising, has been assigned to Bud’s Best (BB) bacon account.

• Lance Willard is a popular Hollywood movie star, has signed 1 year contract with BB bacon for product testimonials (when given by celebrities known as celebrity endorsements).

• President of L&L, (Victor) explains to Annie that Victor has signed an affidavit swearing that he is a bona fide user of BB bacon.

• Although Lance has plenty of personal experience with BB bacon, as is legally required for him to give a personal testimonial, and he has always preferred BB to any other brand of bacon, Lance has recently turned into a vegetarian for the past one
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Ask questions based on a “rights” perspective. For example:

What does each stakeholder have the right to expect?

Which alternatives would you not want imposed on you if you were Annie? Lance? Victor? A member of the target audience? The client?

What are Lance’s and the client’s rights, given that they have signed a contract?

Does Annie have a right to protest?

Ask questions based on a “justice” perspective (benefits and burdens). For example:

Which alternative distributes the benefits and burdens most fairly among the stakeholders?

Which stakeholders carry the greatest burden if Annie refuses to work on the campaign as planned?

Which alternative(s) demonstrate a fair process? A fair outcome?

6. What are the practical constraints of these alternatives? (20 marks)

• Annie might not consider disagreeing with her superior to be a viable option from the perspectives of her job at Laird and Laird as well as her career.

• If Annie declines to go along, probably another copywriter will be assigned to do the campaign anyway.

• Victor might have overrule any decision Annie makes to alter the campaign.

• Legally, it might be impossible to verify Lance’s experience as a bona fide user.

7. What action would you suggest to Annie to take? (10 marks)

Annie may continue with the advertisement but with certain precautions in order to ensure that she is within the


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