Business Customs Paper - Brazil

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International Business
Business Customs Paper
County: Brazil When conducting business in Brazil, there is a lot to know about how this country interprets gestures, how they perceive Americans and the best ways to conduct business that will impress them. There are some formalities and policies we may not be aware of in the US. They are important to know in order to conduct successful business in Brazil. Relationship building is key, along with formal attitude and attire and always showing professionalism. Brazil is quite different from the US, so remembering and practicing all of the following will help to insure your business will be successful in Brazil.

One important aspect to understand when conducting business with Brazil
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This is known as a fig. If you do not know the answer to a question, you flick your fingertips under your chin. (Brazil Business Etiquette) In addition to these appearance and gesture guidelines, there are also some interesting behavior patterns for business worth knowing. Appointments should be made at least two weeks in advance and impromptu calls should never be made at businesses or government offices. When attempting to establish a long term relationship in Brazil, you should plan to commit long term resources of both time and money. Having the time and money to commit will help establish a successful relationship. Gift giving is not required at the first meeting, but buying lunch or dinner is highly recommended. For entertainment, restaurant entertainment is preferred over home entertainment. If you are entertained at someone’s home, it is approprtiate to send flowers to the hostess the next day. Some regions do have a casual work environment, but in San Paulo, this is never the case. In Rio, casual does not refer to business, only to personal and social events. In both Rio and San Paulo, business meeting tend to start on time. Also, business discussions should never be started before the host speaks. A final tip that may be more important than it seems at first, is that American coffee is not nearly as strong as Brazilian coffee and Brazilian coffee and Brazilian coffee is served in much smaller cups. (Brazil


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