Bottega Veneta Case Study

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Luxury management
Bottega Veneta Case Study



1-1. PPR

PPR is French based corporation which has business area over Luxury fashion business, Sport business, book & electric product retail, online fashion retail, and movies. With regard to fashion business, it has 8 brands including GUCCI.

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A couple brands form PPR’s portfolio

1-2. PPR financial statements

The total group revenue increased from €11.0 billion to €12.2 billion or 11%. The luxury fashion business sector is responsible for 40% of the total revenues of the group, and grew by 18%. Bottega represents 25% of the luxury division of the PPR group.


1-3. History of the Bottega Veneta brand

Michele Taddei and
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Bottega Veneta continued expanding its directly operated retail network with selective openings worldwide. Bottega Veneta has decided to take the next step in the brand’s retail growth by having a new approach to the shopping experience. For example; their second store in New York City is located on Madison Avenue, Bottega Veneta have specialized the store on Madison Avenue to the specific customers of that particular neighborhood.

Bottega Veneta are still planning on further building its accomplishments by more openings worldwide, not only in emerging markets but also in Europe, the United States and Japan. They are emphasizing their brand awareness and regional balance.


3-2. Franchise stores operations

Many of Bottega Veneta’s stores around the world are franchised stores, which means that other companies operate the Bottega Veneta stores with specific guidelines from the head office. One of the franchised stores is the Bottega Veneta store in Stockholm, Sweden, which is run by Imagegroup AB. Charlie Andersson, the head of Marketing and Public Relations at Imagegroup, takes care of the Bottega Veneta store. According to him, Imagegroup took the initiative and approached Bottega Veneta during their expansion phase, since they already had a few stores from the Gucci Group in Stockholm.


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