Border Control

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Border Control I feel that border security should be a priority and it is important to me because of the consequences we are currently suffering from and will continue to suffer from. We have decades of children that will depend on us to resolve these issues now rather than lay the burden on them. Even if Border Security is dealt with successfully, the radical terrorist threat will continue and will be able to be dealt with more easily because of the progress we will be able to make at home domestically as well. Securing our nearly 6000 miles of border between just the Canadian and Mexican borders not including our coastal shores and ports will be vital in many ways, such as national security and for a prosperous America. The lack …show more content…

Police tend to look for a type of person to pursue after any crime, therefore profiling a suspect. With all of the things going on in the world such as the economic crisis the war is abroad and other threats such as North Korea, Iran have consumed not only our country but other countries around the world and I feel overall many of the main problems occurring are not being handled or are being poorly handled. I think if we remember where our country was founded from we can not only continue to be a great country but can continue to lead by example amongst other nations. I hope that many of the things discussed can be resolved and other nations that may be against us or are our enemies will Page 3 see that we as American's can live peacefully together even though we are made up of different people and from a human perspective to resolve conflict. This is why I chose to write about border control and the law because of the huge consequences and effects have on all of us living here within our country. I want either my kids or even grand kids to have the opportunities that I was given by my parents and grand parents.In the end without safe borders and a strong wall we as American's could not live our normal daily lives that we probably take for


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