Blandin Adalid Case Study Datavast Inc

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Case Study
Datavast Inc. By Winston Hao
Blandin Adalid
Princ. of Marketing
Dr. Moses.

Executive Summary
Winston Hao, the owner of Datavast Inc., is operating at a loss and needs to find out a way to be profitable this year. Datavast Inc. sells Data Security Boxes to big and small companies in China who are new to the concept of cloud storage. Winston Hao needs to dial in his target market, but the real issue is not enough sales. Hao is certain to segment to try to emphasis deep in order for him to build up his company. One of the issues that affect Datavast would be that either the market is behind in data storage or none at all. It’s also in lack of protection to face bankruptcy. Hao wants to target either small companies
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SME’s do pay faster money since the product they buy is cheaper then they pay in two to three weeks. As good as it sounds for the Datavast to receive cash quick it wouldn’t be worth the chance since them cash they receive it’s not going to be enough.
Larger companies are the other option Datavast Company would be looking into selling the Data Security Box. If we look at the Pros and Cons of larger companies they don’t have as many downsides. One of the disadvantages to sell to larger companies would be that they would receive profit after two to three months, not as fast as the SME’s, but is due to making decision process. Another issue that Hao would be facing would be that they would have to compete with SI’s which are the suppliers for larger companies. Most of SI’s are well known by larger companies and Datavast is not to recognizable to larger companies.
I believe that by reading this article Hao should first focus in selling to Larger Companies. Hao’s company wasn’t too big and they didn’t have a working capital loan. Therefore, the company has a better chance for Hao’s company to gain more revenues since the price for the product didn’t have to go down, it would be smart to cut the competitor instead of cutting price. Since he is not going to sell to smaller companies Hao doesn’t have