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Chapter 17
Louis Pasteur's experiment illustrated that: microbes will not grow in a nutrient broth that has been sterilized unless air is allowed to enter the vessel through an opening.
Living organisms can spontaneously generate from nonliving matter. True or False?
The scientists usually given credit for disproving the theory of spontaneous generation of bacteria are:
Tyndall & Pasteur
Miller and Urey's experiments attempting to recreate the prebiotic environment produced a rich mixture of complex organic chemicals from simple chemicals. True or False?
Miller and Urey's experiments attempting to recreate the prebiotic environment produced prokaryotic cells. True or False?
The theory that life began in the
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True or False?
Peptidoglycan is found in the cell walls of:

Bacteria are multicellular microbes. True or False?
The classification of bacteria has historically been based on: microbial nutrition, physical appearance, and how they move.
Bacteria are able to increase their genetic variability by reproducing sexually. True or False?
What differentiates gram-positive bacteria from gram-negative bacteria?
Staining properties
The bacterium in the figure contains a(n):
Bacterial endospores are easily damaged by heat and drying. True or False?
Some archaea can live in boiling water. True or False?
Mobile prokaryotes can move around with the help of:
Anaerobic bacteria require high levels of oxygen to survive. True or False?
How do the flagella of bacteria differ from the flagella of archaea?
Archaeal flagella are thinner than bacterial flagella.
Bacterial endospores are used for: keeping the bacteria alive under harsh conditions.
What do the sticky layers of protective slime produced by some bacteria enable them to do? stick together and form biofilms
Dental plaque is an example of:
A biofilm
Which structure enables a bacterium to survive and infect a host even after a long period of desiccation?

Sex pili are prokaryotic structures that are used:


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