Aussie Pooch Case 9

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Case 9
Aussie Pooch Mobile
1. How did Christine Taylor succeed in evolving the local dog-washing service she developed as a teenager into an international franchise business?
Christine turned her childhood job into an international franchise by having a few strengths to set her apart from others, one she had a brand and concept that had a few competitors at the time. Also she was able to understand what the customer wanted because of her early exposure to customer service skills. Plus she was able to see that there was a demand for this service by her customers. She was focused and determined, even when pregnant she was thinking of ways to expand, but to expand in the right way, she didn’t want to take on new services that made her
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The franchise owner is most likely profitable if they have made it to the three year period and could be looking to expand into a new territory since its marketing expenses are not as high, due to the repeat clients and word of mouth.
4. In planning for future expansion, what strategy should Christine Taylor adopt for APM and why?
Chris has always had the idea of becoming international; she has a few mobile trailers in some international countries but has not been able to break into the US market. She has expanded well around the southeastern part of Australia, however there might not be much left due to the other competition of Jim’s and Hydrodog. If she expanded into the other major cities out west like Perth, Fremantle, Darwin and Alice Springs she has a market of (1,910,000+ 198,000= 2,108,000) which is not a lot if she is “playing on the numbers” for the rest of Australia’s population which totals 19,387,000. If there was 1 dog for every 25 people in that population (2,108,000/25) there would be 84,320 dogs, and let’s say about 1/3 were interested in becoming clients she would have 28,106 new clients. She could roughly make (28,106 x $25 the average= 702,666, she could roughly make. However with competition of Jims and Hydrodog she wouldn’t make the full profit, plus she would not have any new territory to expand into. I suggest that she expands into England and Eastern Europe.