Audi Prom Semiotic Analysis

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Hieu Nguyen
English 1C
Mr. Rim
13 August 2013
It’s Good to Be Brave Advertisers will often times go above and beyond traditional ways of pitching products and adapt clever ways to sell emotions or desires through commercial advertising. More than simple print ads, video advertisements are able to play on the mythologies and beliefs of modern pop culture, appealing to specifically targeted individuals or social groups through the suggestive themes and symbols being portrayed. Associations of things like sex or status to certain products can entice specific audiences towards buying or desiring them. A pair of jeans will not necessarily bring abundant amounts of sex to one’s future, and using a certain type of body wash will not make
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The music gets louder and faster as his excitement for the night continues to grow, highlighting the implication that more time spent in this automobile will make one more daring and adventurous. Although we may never be as devious or courageous as him in the video, we will empathize with and respect the teenager’s acts of courage, and associate these feelings towards the desire for the product. In pop culture and society, Audi is associated with wealth and driving performance, often compared to makers such as BMW and Mercedes. The name in itself holds value, and those with the available income can partake in this status and excitement through owning their name brand product. Prom is a time many high school students dream about; its glitzy and superficial nature a night where teenagers dress up in expensive tuxedos and fancy ballroom dresses for a night of unpredictable fun. The commercial makes an attempt to appeal towards an audience of a primarily younger audience with the inclusion of a prom themed commercial that highlights concerns many adolescents face. In his article, “Gender Role Behaviors and Attitudes,” Aaron Devor professes that according to society, it is the attributes of toughness, confidence, daring, and high status in one’s social group that make someone masculine (Devor 675). The dynamic teenager in the video, through his shift in persona before and after stepping into the car,