Assurance of Learning Exercise 1a

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Assurance of Learning Exercise 1A, Step 4
Using the Cohesion Case, the information, the 2009 Annual Report, and the Industry Survey document, on a separate sheet of paper list what you consider to be MCD’s three major strengths, three major weaknesses, three major opportunities, and three major threats. Each factor listed for this exercise must include a %, #, $, or ratio to reveal some quantified fact or trend. These factors provide the underlying basis for a strategic plan because a firm strives to take advantage of strengths, improve weaknesses, avoid threats, and capitalize on opportunities.

S1: Highly successful and recognized advertising (I’m loving it)
S2: Strongest Brand Image as the number-1
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W3: High student to faculty ratio * 25:1 Resident Undergraduate * 17:1 Online * 19:1 Combined
W4: 70% Full-time faculty hold terminal degrees
W5: The graduation rate at Liberty University is low, 44%.

W1: The University offers 148 undergraduate, 53 graduate and one post masters program as its Lynchburg campus, and 43 undergraduate, 66 graduate, 3 post masters, and 6 doctoral programs through Liberty University Online.
W2: Liberty has an opportunity to expand its use of classroom instruction to incorporate the Christian worldview into all courses.
W3: Participation in learning activities increased from 38% of those in the population age 18 or older in 1991 to 50% in 1999.
W4: The University can expand its market by offering more traditional and distance courses for all ages of students, particularly those beyond the traditional college age of 18-21 years.
W5: Technology in the Distance Learning Program (DLP) could be particularly effective in Liberty’s University’s mission of reaching the world for Christ.

T1: Funding sources are needed to maintain the current level of academic excellence into the future.
T2: Dramatic business growth creates data upsurge
T3: Need for better security
T4: Functional requirements to augment a stretched team
T5: A four-year liberal arts university has been proposed


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