Assignments # 5 Sustainable Talent Management

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Assignments # 5 Sustainable Talent Management
Utilizing Talent Management Strategy in Mind from Assignment 3 write a paper responding to five statements.
Julian Phillips
March 18, 2012
Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS)-HRM 532
Dr. Zelphia A. Brown, SPHR, Instructor

Sustainable Talent Management Utilizing Talent Management Strategy in Mind from Assignment 3 write a paper responding to five statements.
1. Determine which performance management process you will employee to measure employee talent.
Although there are numerous performance management processes that can measure employee talent particularly in this day of computer technology. The most important parts of such a process is to ensure, the old phrase, "of having the
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For example, if employee “A” on Monday did a job known as inserting and it was 5000 pieces and he took three hours then (subject to there being no additional note stating that there was some kind of a problem), the supervisor would be notified and would have to establish with the employee why this job took so long as the machines operate at 5000 pieces per hour. Additionally, again daily as well as weekly supervisors would be given reports that showed individual performances on the various different machines with each job function being totaled by the number of pieces and the number of hours taken. The data collected also included quantities run as each machine has a counter and the employees had to enter the final piece count that they had completed. Although this could obviously be fixed by the employee it would not take long to find out if this had happened either by the next person in line performing another function to the job or by the very final count that was applied to the postal paperwork this number was also entered onto the spreadsheet.

By remaining completely transparent and allowing the individual employees to see their performance information not only did this encourage individual improvements but also often the employees would challenge one another as to who would do the most work the following week. Therefore, this information had the benefit of encouraging faster and more accurate individual employees as well as assisting the supervisors in


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