Assignment # 1 Ethel's Chocolate Lounges

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Marketing 100
Instructor Tim Morrison
May 13, 2011

Assignment # 1 Ethel’s Chocolate lounges

Intro and # 1. What type of consumer buying decision best describes the choice to indulge at Ethel’s?
Ethel’s Chocolate lounges are chocolate or candy based restaurants that where created by the Mars corporation. The Mars Corporation is the same corporation that makes the famous M&M candy. In the case study on Ethel’s Chocolate Lounges we learn that the mars corporation has made many modifications to better the chocolate lounges. They strive be more like the Starbucks, and to sell the experience of having great atmosphere, gourmet
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Social visibility is items make a statement about the purchaser and therefore, carry a social risk. Ethel’s Chocolate Lounges has been modified to be more modern, luxurious, yet relaxing like Starbucks. This could make a person look hip, down to earth, with the times, somewhat luxurious, and even romantic if taken there on a date.

3. Justify which factor you think will motivate a consumer the most.
Out of all the factors, the interest of the consumer is the best factor to motivate consumers to spend time and money at Ethel’s Chocolate Lounges. I believe that affordability and familiarity are very important for Ethel’s. However, to reach the interest of the consumers is the key to success of Ethel’s Chocolate Lounges. The main interest would be the food along with price. The gourmet chocolate at a fairly reasonable price is enough to catch the interest of most people. The lounges have been modified to look and feel more modern, hip, comfortable, relaxing, yet traditional, and classy with pink and brown lounge furniture. The whole dinner process is different from other stores. Like Starbucks, Ethel’s encourages customers to socialize and stay longer rather than rushing the customers in and out of the lounge as fast as