Assessing a Company's Future Financil Health

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Assessing a Company’s Future Financial Health 911-412
Steps 1, 2: Analyze Fundamentals
The corporate financial system is driven by a firm’s goals, business unit choices and strategies, market conditions, and operating characteristics. The firm’s strategy and sales growth in each of its business units will determine the investment in assets needed to support these strategies; and the effectiveness of the strategies, combined with the response of competitors and regulators, will strongly influence the firm’s competitive and profit performance, its need for external finance, and access to debt and equity markets. Clearly, many of these questions require information beyond that contained in a company’s published financial reports.
Step 3: Analyze Investments to Support the Business Unit(s) Strategy(ies)
The business unit strategies inevitably require investments in accounts receivable, inventories, plant & equipment, and possibly, acquisitions. Step 3 of the process is an attempt to estimate the amount that will be tied up in each of the asset types by virtue of sales growth and the improvement/deterioration in asset management. An analyst can make a rough estimate by studying the past pattern of the collection period, the days of inventory, and plant & equipment as a