Art Essay Ricky Swallow and Patricia Piccinini

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Compare and contrast bodies of works by two artists you have studied. In your discussion, address the significance of intentions to their practice.
The key element for artist’s in shaping their practice is their understandings of what is important to them and significant issues in the world around them. Ricky Swallow and Patricia Piccinini are artists whose works are symbols of their values and perceptions on differing subject matter. These artists’ works are intended to position the audience and compel them to question their own viewpoints.
Ricky Swallow is a contemporary Australian sculptor whose works address the issues of our modern generation and technology which engulfs it, not only youth but adults. Swallow’s works are ironically
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She creates unprecedented creatures which share a similarity with humans.
Patricia Piccinini is similarly an Australian sculptor however she specialises in sculptures made from silicone. Her work The Young Family is a confronting and disturbing piece when initially viewed. It abruptly demands viewer’s attention as the figures are mutated and unfamiliar. Piccinini’s use of silicone allows her to create a very lifelike texture for the skin and body of the creatures featured. Her use of a nude colour for their skin and human hair appeals to the audience and creates a link through commonalities. These figures defy classification however their slightly human appearance extends their appeal to the audience. Unlike Swallow’s sculptures, Piccinini’s provoke affection in the audience as they understand the idea that although these figures are ugly, they are worthy of love and care as seen through their positioning as a family. Piccinini wanted to convey these figures in a life like way and her life size depiction and use of space has accomplished this. Piccinini’s attention to detail during her process in creating this work adds a much deeper meaning, for example, the exhausted expression on the mother’s face as she nurtures her young touches the audience. Once the initial connection is made the audience begins to