Aromatherapy - Essay

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What is Aromatherapy?
Webster defines:
Aroma is a pleasant odor.
Therapy is the treatment of any physical or mental disorder by medical or physical means, usually excluding surgery.
So we can say that Aromatherapy is therapeutic mentally and physical.
Aroma derived from Latin and Therapy from the French work therapie how confusing is that.
False Assumption: * Aromatherapy implies that anything that is aromatic and smells good is considered healing or therapeutic
Holistic Aromatherapy is the formal name and a serious field of study and practice which uses pure essential oils and other natural ingredients, that are safe when use correctly.
Your favorite designer fragrance can stir your emotions with spouse/romantic partner sense of
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The father of medicine (Hippocrates) fumigated both aromatic and medicinal. A perfume (Medallion) was created by a Greek with myrrh for its aroma, anti inflammatory properties toward skin and it also heal wounds

During the Roman Empire a book was published that described the properties of approximately 500 plants. Up to this point distillers used a straight cooling pipe, extracting aromatic floral waters and essential oils. During the 11th century the coiled cooling pipe was invented by a Persian.
Between the 12th and 20th century: * Lavender was discovered for it medicinal properties * Herbs and some perfumers fought off the Black Death * Women had special bottles made to hold their perfume

A French chemist burned his arm rather badly. He plunged his arm into the closest liquid a large container of lavender essential oil. The burn healed quickly and left no scar. This lead to his ongoing study of essential oils. There has been discussion of the name of Aromatherapy to be renamed. But would it be? Since Aromatherapy is use so loosely using the phrase holistic aromatherapy is use by those who are intimately familiar with the history and intended definition of the term aromatherapy.
As you see men have been involved with Aromatherapy for centuries. There are aromatherapy Products just for men, Colognes and after shaves that just don’t leave them smelling good the right oils can also